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Put $100 Back In Your Pocket

Your referrals can be quite valuable.

Customer Referral Program

Receive a $100 account credit for each business you refer to Sound Telecom that results in an answering service subscription!


We rely on referrals from customers like you to grow our company, employ more people, and serve more businesses. In fact, we love referrals so much that we are willing to pay you for them! If we do good work for you and you know someone who might also be interested in our answering services, all you have to do is fill out the form below. For each person you refer to us that signs up we will take $100 off your bill. Great service for them. A new customer for us. Extra $$$ in your pocket. That's what we call a win-win-win scenario.

The Rules (because if we are going to play we should probably have some): 

  • Offer is only valid for Sound Telecom customers who are billed $45 or more on a regular monthly basis.
  • New customers you refer must use our answering services for no less than three months or the credit will be void.
  • The people you turn over to us can expect a call from our Sales Manager, Chad Duncan, to see if they are interested in a complementary consultation. That's it. We won't harass your friends.

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